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2014 Trend Predictions: Mobile to go maintstream

Cloud computing on mobile devicesEvery website needs to be optimized for mobile. This means having responsive design and thinking about how people interact with your business via mobile devices should be one of your top priorities. As a small business it’s time to make the switch to a mobile site if you haven’t yet, and think about ways that you can get in front of your customers through their phone. Yes, this include Mobile Apps, SMS, and emails that are designed to be viewed on your cellular phone.

Here’s a interesting article by Stephanie Frasco that talks abut “Mobilification” of Consuming Content.

The article takes you on a trip down memory lane. This memory, however, is the evolution of content on the Internet and, like all things in history, is constantly changing. Stephanie talks about how businesses need to use, create and share mobile content:

  1. Responsive Design
  2. Social Sharing
  3. Search Standards
  4. Email Marketing

Read the Article The “Mobilification” Of Consuming Content – State of Digital.